Saturday, October 15, 2011

Zeenat, Like the TV

I used to blog a lot.

But it's been years, and I hadn't felt that self-indulgent itch for some time. That finally, inevitably, changed as I was driving my rental car down I-5N one recent weeknight, forcing myself to keep my eyes on the road and away from the city lights of the Seattle skyline. Although I nearly always carry my camera, I refrained from snapping away at 75 mph on the highway. This stock google photo suffices in lieu of reckless driving.

I've had a stretch of several unruly weeks, and today marks the end of what has turned out to be quite a spirited run. Lately the commotion has revolved around interviews for a minimally invasive surgery fellowship. Seattle and San Antonio were the sole outliers as the majority have been in Northern California. The best-in-show routine grows arduous quickly, so maybe the urge to return to routine writing is a response to an SOS from my stifled creative mind.

An interesting facet to West Coasters is the lack of a response to foreign names; although I never thought of it as unique to the Midwest, folks in the heart of the country tend to struggle with anything but the traditional Anglo-Saxon name. Although my name was uniformly butchered by the interviewees, receptionists, and peers I encountered, there was no hesitation to tackle my titular conundrum and ask the source directly for help in navigating its tricky syllables. It was refreshingly unexpected, a subtle departure from the personal apology I unknowingly issue every time I introduce myself- "It's pronounced Zenith, like the TV".


  1. Hehe. At least they aren't calling you Xena, like the warrior princess. I'm glad the interviewing is all over so we can hang out again. =)

  2. they make zenith tvs anymore?

  3. I don't think so! Every person who's under the age of 30 who I say that to just looks confused. Oh well!

    Linda, we need to hang out soon!