Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Musings in Coach

In seat 14A
aboard United flight 2285
your life is distilled
to the confines of
your seat.

In the succinct 2x2x2
feet of space
I carefully arrange
foot, iPad, drink.

Airplane etiquette
is bizarre and dynamic
depending on your seatmate-
we can't all fly First.

Two strangers can
exchanging more than
incipient pleasantries.

stuck next to an oaf,
so physically unaware,
spreading mayo and crumbs
on your chair.

More likely to be
polite & normal.
"My reading light is broken,
may I borrow your's?"

Compact interactions,
humanity distilled to a drop,
a neighbor for 1400 miles
forgotten at the tarmac.

29 January 2012

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