Friday, February 3, 2012

Thanks Alot

You know no one can say the phrase
"hill of beans"
without recalling classic Bogart.
Thanks to the silver screen it's unusable.

Shouldn't there be some kind of
language equivalent to anti-trust laws?
Some protection for the everyday poet
against blockbusters, indie flicks, and
young-adult best-selling trilogies?

How many idioms and phrases
must we see ruined before
something will be done?
Authors have rights, too.

Like the Oxford comma,
pregnant pauses, and speech fillers,
the valiant must champion the cause.
Grammar warriors, we unite to defend

the irrefutable rights of speech;
in a world of likes, umms, and txting,
someone must stand firm against the onslaught
of theirs, they'res, and theres.

29 January 2012

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